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Guild Information

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Group Therapy

  • Group Therapy is a World of Warcraft raiding guild located on Ravencrest (EU).
  • We only raid Saturday and Sunday afternoon from respectively 15:00 - 19:00 and 14:00 - 18:00. Despite our two day raiding schedule, we still consider ourselves a 'hardcore' guild due to our approach to the game as well as the quality of our raids.
  • You will find top quality raiding in terms of player skill here, since many of our members used to be in 'top' guilds and decided to join us instead for a more relaxed raiding schedule.
  • We accept alts! You can join us on another char (alt), as long as you play it with supreme passion and dedication, and your main guild's raids don't conflict with ours.

Guild History
Group Therapy evolved from a weekly Ulduar pug organized by Treebearman. The pug was nothing special at first, but grew better with each passing week. When ToC heroic mode (ToGC) was unlocked, it managed to clear the first 3 bosses in two weeks. In November 2009 we killed Anub'arak on heroic mode and achieved "A Tribute to Mad Skill". By the time Icecrown Citadel was released, the pug was as stable and organized as a guild. We cleared all normal modes swiftly and unlocked heroic mode. We progressed fast on all heroic bosses there, until we reached the Lich King. Like many other guilds, we were stuck on him for a long time but eventually killed him on 27.08.2010. It was the realm third kill.

During our ICC progression, it became clear that we had essentially grown into a guild. We had the exact same people in the raid each week and the atmosphere was that of a guild as well. Thus, Group Therapy was born and Treebearman became our guild master. Thanks to our progress, the quality of our applications and members has continued to increase, and we now have many amazing players in our roster. Many of these players used to play in guilds ranked top 50 worldwide. Some 'burned out' of raiding 5-7 nights a week, some have a wife, girlfriend, children, work, school or just want more free time to do other things, and thus, joined us.

Three expansions later, Group Therapy still thrives on its fast-paced progression and quality of raids. Logistical and leadership changes notwithstanding, the guild strives to continue complementing its legacy and has succeeded in doing so during Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. Today, we look to Legion as an opportunity to further maintain the status quo of being one of the best choices out there for any exceptional raider.

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